Studio Policies, Agreements, and Dress Code

Izizwe Dance Studio 
Enrollment Policy Agreement 

Tuition, Registration and Termination: 

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month September through May. If a student wishes to withdraw from the studio then owners must be notified and an additional one month tuition plus any outstanding balances will be due upon withdrawal. If Izizwe Dance Studio is not notified of a student's withdrawal then you will be responsible for the remainder of the year and will continue to be billed monthly. Some students may be asked to keep a card on file with us due to consistent late/missed payments. 

Dress Code: 

Proper dance attire must be worn at all times. Students’ hair must be neat and in place, pulled back off of their face and neck. No jewelry (except for small earrings) is to be worn to class or rehearsals. The appropriate dance shoes must be worn in class. Ballet and Jazz can not be executed properly in bare feet or tights. Warm-ups may be worn during barre/warm-up at the teacher’s discretion. In order to make accurate technical corrections, the teacher must be able to view the student clearly without the obstruction of extra garments. Izizwe Dance Studio receives donations in all dance attire yearly. Enrolled students are welcome to take available dance attire free of charge. 

*Please note students may choose which dress code to follow based on their gender identity. Non-binary students may choose either dress code to follow based on their personal comfort level. 


  • Pink and/or skin tone Tights; footed are recommended
  • Leotard (any style and any color) 
  • Pink or skin tone colored ballet slippers 
  • Ballet skirts and dance shorts are accepted.  
  • Hair completely slicked back and off the face. Bun preferred


  • Solid color T-shirt (no lettering), well-fitted
  •  Black Dance Pants – any style
  •  Black or skin tone colored  jazz or ballet slippers


  •  Leotard or Dance Camisole – any style or color
  •  Jazz Pants, Capri pants, tights or leggings (tight fitted)
  •  Tan or black Jazz shoes for Jazz
  •  Bare feet for Modern 
  •  Hair pulled back off of face and neck – neat and secure


  • Solid color T-shirt (no lettering), well-fitted
  •  Black Dance Pants – any style
  •  Black or skin tone colored  jazz or ballet slippers

HIP HOP- All students 

  • Comfortable clothing or dancewear and Dance Sneakers or athletic shoes.

Creative Movement/preschool classes 

  • Tights or Bare Legs
  • Leotard – any style or color
  • Ballet/dance dresses and skirts are accepted
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Hair pulled back off of face and neck – neat and secure


  • Solid color T-shirt (no lettering), well-fitted
  •  Black Dance Pants – any style
  •  Black or skin tone colored  jazz or ballet slippers

Costume: A one time costume fee of $50 per class will be applied to your tuition fee for the month of March. This will cover the costume for the end of the year showcase.

Schedule Change: 

I understand that a class could be canceled, or the day/time changed, if it does not meet the minimum requirement of _____ participants. I’m also aware that if a class is canceled or the day/time changed, alternative opportunities will be provided in an effort to accommodate.

Introductory Month: 

Following the introductory month (September), I understand that the class I have enrolled my child in is a 9 month commitment. The month of September is an introductory month with no commitment required until 10/1.


Any withdrawal from the program will need to be received in writing and the account must be settled within 14 days. 


I understand that refunds are not given for missed classes and tuition applies regardless of absence. I understand that attendance is important for the student and their classmates to optimize their learning. I’m aware that dress rehearsal and attendance week leading up to the showcase are mandatory and will ensure students are present. 

Drop off/ Pick up: 

Parents of students ages 13 years and younger must be signed in and out. The Island St. parking lot is very active and it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to drop off and pick up their child on time. 

Holiday/ Closures/ Cancellation: 

Izizwe Dance Studio follows the Lawrence Public School schedule and remains closed for public holidays, winter, February, and April vacation. If Izizwe cancels due to teacher absence and/or a snow day then a makeup class will be offered to students. 


 Payment is due at the beginning of every month. Payments can be made through CashApp and Venmo and our website.

CashAPP $amyxotyeni

Venmo @Amy-Xotyeni

*While it is not preferred, checks and cash are accepted for an additional monthly $5 processing fee. 

Classroom Policies:

  • There is absolutely NO FOOD permitted in the studio.

  • Water is the only permitted beverage allowed in the studio.

  • No gum chewing in class.

  • Do not enter the studio without teacher permission; this includes adults.

  • Proper dance attire is strictly required including all necessary shoes.

  • Ladies hair must always be pulled back in a ponytail, bun or braid(s). If a male dancer has long hair it is expected that it be off the face.

  • Dancers may use the bathroom before or after class. No dancer is permitted to leave in the middle of class unless it is an emergency.

  • Students should not touch the mirrors.

  • Students should not touch the barres, props, or acro equipment unless specifically instructed to do so. 



 Students and their guests agree to respect and care for the Izizwe Dance Studio property and equipment. This includes utilizing property/equipment appropriately, keeping personal belongings tidy, and cleaning up after oneself. 

Visitor Agreement:

I agree with the following: We appreciate those not enrolled in classes (parents, family members and friends) to wait in the lobby when classes are in session. I am aware that guests are able to watch the student’s dance class from the main entrance doors. I am also aware that during the last class of the month, guests can watch the last 15 minutes of a class in the class’s studio or via zoom.  Parents/ Guardians will receive advance notice when classes are open for viewing. 

Photo/Video Consent: 

I am aware that Izizwe Dance Studio films and takes photos for promotional purposes throughout the year. I grant Izizwe Dance Studio, its representatives and employees the right to film and take photographs of me, my child and/or my property in connection with these efforts. I authorize Izizwe Dance Studio, its assignments and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that Izizwe Dance Studio may use such video footage and photographs of me and/or my child with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and Web content.