Private Lessons, Coaching, and College Prep

Izizwe Dance Studio offers private lessons and coaching for advanced students who are pursuing dance and the performing arts at the professional or collegiate level.

We are committed to training well rounded dancers who are prepared to enter the highly competitive professional dance world. Our private lessons and coaching offer exceptional one on one training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern techniques. These individualized sessions focus on the goals of each student while taking into account the social, emotional, mental, and physical well being of the dancer. We achieve results by recognizing areas in need of improvement, setting attainable short term goals, customizing coaching sessions, and monitoring progress. 

Former student Gio currently enrolled at The University of the Arts 

College Prep

For many students, college is the first step in pursuing a professional career in the performing arts. While Deciding to major in dance or musical theater in college can be daunting, it is important to clearly understand the process. Izizwe provides a hands-on approach from deciding which school is the right fit to portfolio building and pre-screens. In addition to custom dance training, our private lessons provide the following:

  • Custom solo choreography catered to the school the student is auditioning for
  • Reference letters
  • Network building
  • Portfolio building
  • Pre-screen videos
  • Photographs
  • Resumes 
  • Mentorship 

  To book private sessions with Izizwe instructors please contact us directly

Cost: $50 per-hour plus a $100 choreographers fee for any custom solo choreography