Izizwe Dance Collective



Eliza Malecki - Izizwe Dance Studio Artist in Residence

Eliza Malecki- Izizwe Dance Collective Artist in Residence premiering new work at Essex Art Center in Lawrence.  

 Izizwe Dance Collective is a professional dance company with a mission to develop, promote, and sustain a thriving dance community within the city of Lawrence. IDC inspires and engages audiences by using dance as a vehicle to promote social transformation through powerful performances that are unique to the Lawrence community. In addition to uplifting the community, IDC provides a platform for dance artists to develop and expand their work in a way that is equitable and sustainable for all. 

The collective was formed through the support of The Lawrence Arts Collective, a group of nonprofits, businesses, and artists supporting arts initiatives in Lawrence, MA. The 7 arts organizations within this collective are committed to supporting the creation, facilitation, and documentation of community arts and culture projects within the city of Lawrence. LAC is funded by the TDI Creative Catalyst Grant Program administered by Massdevelopment. 




Lawrence Arts Collective participating organizations