2022/2023 Schedule, Registration, and Class Description

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Classes start 9/12/2022

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Students ages 10+ require class placement to ensure they are enrolled in the most appropriate classes for their age and ability. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding class placement. 


Private lessons and coaching in ballet, jazz, contemporary and college prep.

4:15-8:15 Click here to learn more 

Ballet 6:30-8:00 Level: Advanced *Recommended ages 12+


Ballet 4:00-5:30 Level: Beginner *Recommended ages 12+

 Jazz 5:30-7:00 Level: Intermediate/advanced *Recommended ages 12+

African Dance 7:00-8:00 Open to all ages and levels Drop-in $8 per class 


Hip Hop 4:00-4:45 Level: Beginner *Ages 5-8

Hip Hop 4:45-5:45 Level: Intermediate *Recommended ages 9-12

Modern 5:45-7:15 Level: Intermediate/advanced *Recommended ages 12+  

Hip Hop 7:15-8:15 Level: Intermediate/advanced *Recommended ages 12+


African Dance for Kids 3:30-4:00 *Ages 3-5

Creative Movement 4:00-4:45 *Ages 3-5 

Ballet 4:45-5:45 Level: Intermediate *Ages 5-8

Jazz/Tap 5:45-6:30 Level: Intermediate *Ages 5-8                                                          

Modern 6:30-7:30 Level: Beginner *Recommended ages 8-12


Ballet 4:15-5:15 Level: Beginner Ages 9-12

Jazz 5:15-6:15 Level: Beginner Ages 9-12 



Advanced Technique 10:00-11:00  Ages 10+

Ballet 11:00-12:00 Level: Beginner *Ages 5-8 

Ballet 12:00-1:30 Level: Intermediate/advanced *Recommended ages 9-12 

Jazz 1:30-2:30 Level: Intermediate/advanced *Recommended ages 9-12

Class Descriptions


Classical ballet classes, which range from Beginner to Advanced, focus on establishing clean technique, vocabulary, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Classes are held in a positive and disciplined environment and follow the Vaganova syllabus. Opportunities to take class en pointe are offered to advanced dancers.


Jazz classes, which range from beginner to advanced, consist of a full center warm up, followed by across the floor work, and end with choreography.  Dancers build strength by using techniques such as Horton, commercial jazz, theatre dance, and contemporary techniques. Dancers learn and build upon their turns, leaps, extensions, body shapes, and by increasing performance quality. Jazz dance is ideal for anyone wanting to audition for musical theatre programs, find his or her unique expression, and gain strength/flexibility. Jazz dance at Izizwe is upbeat, fun, and rewarding!


Our tap classes focus on both the elements of "rhythm tap" and "show tap" to create a well rounded tapper. Dancers work on combinations for 2 to 3 weeks at a time using various dynamics and phrasing. Class consists of a warm up, across the floor work, and center combinations. Tap is a great way to find your own personal style through rhythm and sound!  


All  Tap and Jazz combo classes work with the basic fundamentals of both techniques. Dancers will work on flexibility, isolation work, leaps, turns, across the floor work, and stylized choreography in Jazz. In tap, dancers will work on basic rhythms, vocabulary, and choreography. Perfect two for one! 


All Hip Hop classes have a full warm up (isolation work, strength/endurance building, floor stretches) Hip Hop combinations and choreography. Classes emphasize urban Hip Hop techniques, attention to movement detail and performance quality. Dancers will learn to pick up choreography fast while learning several genres of Hip Hop and freestyle. Classes are fun, challenging, up beat and most importantly empowering!


Our Modern classes are a signature class at Izizwe and one of our most popular! This class explores several different Modern techniques to include; Grahm, Horton, improvisation, floor work, suspend/release, and challenging choreography that is sure to prepare dancers for powerful performances. Dancers will also gain knowledge of the choreographic process and how to successfully express their ideas through movement. Modern builds strength, improves technique, and creates well rounded and unique dancers who are capable of anything!


 Come sweat it out with a blend of dance, rhythm, cardio, and culture! This class is a fun workout that combines traditional African Dance with strength building and stretching. Challenge yourself, move at your own pace, or simply be a part of the culture. All ages and abilities welcome! All classes include live drumming. ($8 per class. No registration required) 



Creative Movement combines storytelling, movement, and song in a child friendly setting. Little ones will learn rhythms, body awareness, movement vocabulary, confidence, flexibility, and coordination -- all while having fun and the opportunity to meet new friends! Creative Movement is a great introduction to all types of Dance in a studio setting.


This class focuses on strengthening and conditioning the body for proper technique. Dancers will build endurance, stamina, flexibility, and strength. Individual needs are met within this class by providing hands on instruction that is clear and progressive.