Izizwe Dance Collective

Izizwe Dance Collective is a non-competitive pre-professional dance company and an extension of Izizwe Dance Studio. The mission of IDC is to develop, promote, and sustain a thriving dance community within the city of Lawrence. The company aims to inspire diverse groups of people through powerful performances that create meaningful interactions and individual empowerment. In addition; Izizwe Dance Collective provides a platform for dance artists to develop and expand their work equitably by providing young dancers with job opportunities, mentorship, training, and free studio space. 


Through Izizwe Dance Collective multiple full or partial scholarships are given to promising young students each year. These students are committed to their training and show dedication, passion, and consistency in their dance training at Izizwe Dance Studio. Scholarship students are encouraged to work towards paid job opportunities through Izizwe Dance Collective.

Scholarship students must meet the following requirements in order to receive a scholarship. Please note this is a free program. Scholarship students also receive free dance attire and costumes. 

  • Take 3 or more dance classes per week
  • Participate in additional rehearsals for community and professional performances
  • Represent Izizwe Dance Studio and Collective at the highest level

Click here to apply for a 2023/2024 scholarship